Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quit date depression.

Once again I have set a quit date to stop smoking. Tuesday, November 18th. As usual, two days before the event, I am going through a deep , suicidal depression. My mind, in advance, just locks on to every negative. It as if I am playing a game with the assorted demons inside my head and losing. Getting my rear end kicked, in fact. Someday, when I've actually quit, if such a day ever arrives, I won't have to go through this anymore.


bhd said...

Maybe you can look at it another way. Instead of performance anxiety, make it a game of "I'm making healthy decisions for myself," or even plan a very gradual weaning off the smokes, rather than a cold turkey.

This addiction is a tough one. I remember. But from this side, I can tell you that you're bigger than the anxiety, bigger than the pressure, and bigger than the cigarette.

I'm picturing you picking up a smoke, looking at it carefully, then breaking it in half while doing a seriously testosterone-fueled victory dance "IN YOUR FACE! IN YOUR FACE!" at that smoke you didn't have.

Go for it!

joan_c said...

BHD is right. You gotta be bigger than the ciggarette. Maybe some Nicorette gum in the beginning too...? I am really pulling for ya big guy!

Mississippi Songbird said...

praying for you, Larry.. Bunches of hugs...

Mississippi Songbird said...

Larry, I hope you have a Safe and Wonderful New Year filled with good things! God Bless you..

Naj said...


Hi there!

hmm let's see which one of us succeeds first: I getting rid of Ahmadinejad and you getting rid of your smoking!

Thanks for dropping by.

Please do some again ana take a look at lots of art and cultural stuff that I have posted in better times :) They will lift your spirit to see how wonder ful things have been possible even under the clouds of our dark leaders.